How is a logo developed?

Step 1. Design Brief: “26 Simple Questions"

We can create you a great  looking logo without a design brief, but we can not design an effective logo for you without understanding your business.  We need to have a clear understanding of your business as well as what you expect of your new logo. To make this process as easy as possible we have developed a simple 26 question design brief so that you can help us set the correct direction for your logo design.

It is easy, really.  To start right now just click HERE

 Step 2: Research 

Your brief is studied, notes are made and then we go to work for you doing further research so that we have a full understanding of your industry, your clients and your competitors. Basically we go online and  conduct a visual audit of other logos in your industry across the USA. We will also visit websites of your competition, see what we feel is working as well as what to avoid.  This way we can be sure your new logo is both aesthetically pleasing as well as strategically effective. 

Step 3: Inspiration

Sometimes inspiration for a design may come all at once,  other times the right idea will hit me the middle of the night. Every so often I find that taking a walk helps clarify a concept. Occasionally I will  just sit with a pencil and paper and do a mind-map until the right idea comes along., Mostly it is just  a matter of sitt down and work at it. There is a old saying that genius in 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. The same can be said of creativity.

 Step 4: Sketching and Conceptualizing

Your new logo will begin its life as a sketch along with several other variations.This gets the direction started the right way. Many times if a design originates in a computer it tends to have a more mechanical less organic look to it. 

 Step 5: Digital Rendering

At this point the best pencil sketches are transferred from paper to the computer.  These computer generated renderings will be more polished and will be what you see when you make your final choice.

We prefer to use Adobe Illustrator as the software for doing logo design. Illustrator creates vector graphics which are infinitely scalable with no loss of quality.  While Adobe Photoshop is a great program, it should not be used for creating logos

Step 6: Presentation and Review

 At this point we will email you samples for review.  Your feedback is considered and discussed. If we need to make any changes we do and send them for further review and feedback.If you don’t like a logo design be sure to speak up. You are not going to hurt my feelings Believe me if you have an idea that I don’t think will work, I am not shy I will tell you if I don’t like it.  Working out a good logo design is a two way process.We can provide the creative flair, and you provide intimate knowledge of your business, product and customers. Working together as a team we can refine all of this into the ideal logo for your company, clients and market.

Step 7: You Get Your New Artwork

We do final revisions, package your artwork into a .PDF.  You will receive both black and white as well as color versions of your logo. For detail of the formats you will receive click HERE.

Step 8: Continuing Customer Service

Our service does not end when your artwork is delivered.  We will be here to answer any design or branding questions you may have. If you are wondering how to use your new logo in a particular type of software, have questions about a certain application or just need get an opinion on a design matter we are here for you.

If you are ready to get started, give us a call or drop us an email and someone will contact you. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE: As you can see from the steps outlined above, logo design (at least the way we do it) is not a overnight process. If you need to have your logo in just a few days, you may want to contact someone else. Also, we do reserve the right to decline to accept logo design from time to time due to being overloaded with work. We have found that a logo that is rushed can often be a logo that we are not proud of, and we don't like to do work that we are not proud of.