Magnetic Signs


These days there are more online and home based businesses then ever, who are looking for the most bang for the buck with a minimal budget available for marketing.  When every penny counts magnetic signs are one of the most cost effective advertisements available. 

 Magnetic signs do not have to look "cheap" , we can work with you to design a magnetic sign that will present a clean professional image. WIth magnetic signs especially, design makes the difference.  Some of the benefits of magnetic signs include: 

  • Low Cost. Typical magnetic signs run $60 - $150 per pair
  •  Removability. This is great for customers who don't want to be in business "all the time"
  • Return on investment or ROI. Magnets often pay for themselves very quickly. 
  • Mobility. You can move magnetic signs from car to car if necessary
  • Non-recurring expense.  Unlike newspaper or yellow pages, you make a one time purchase and the signs are yours.
  • Minimal care required"

 Every time you go to the store,  park at the mall or a restaurant, or stop for gas your magnets will be working for you.  You will be surprised how often that you will be asked for your business card while gassing up your car. So, if your small business needs an economical advertising tool you might want to consider a pair of quality magnetic signs for your car. Here at image Graphics we can help you decide what size is best for your car and what colors would best compliment both your car as well as your business image.  


Magnetic Sign Care


  • Always clean BOTH the magnetic sign as well as the surface you are going to apply it to.
  • Always apply to a dry surface.  If you put a magnetic sign on a wet car it can trap moisture and cause paint problems
  • Magnetic signs are not as flexible in cold weather.  Magnetic signs can also freeze onto a car if it is cold enough.  Be very careful removing your magnetic signs if the weather is below freezing.


  • Only install on a smooth metal surface.
  • Plastic doors, doors with body filler, and fiberglass cars are NOT suitable for magnetic signs.
  • Do not attach magnetic signs over a ridge, trim or rust spot that could keep them from laying flat.
  • If you position your magnet wrong, remove it and reattach it. Do not pull it across the surface of the paint of your car.  It could stretch or damage the paint and/or sign
  • Do not apply magnets to horizontal surfaces such as a car hood

Removal & Cleaning

  • When taking the sign off of your car, be careful not to bend or crease the signs corners
  • Remove the magnets from time to time to clean both the magnet and the car
  • You can clean the surface of your magnets with a wet paper towel or rag. 
  • To remove stains or smudges you can use a product like 409 or Windex
  • Be sure to dry your magnet completely after cleaning


  • When not in use, store your vehicle magnets in a clean dry place.
  • It is best to store them flat  or magnetized to a flat metal surface.
  • Do not store signs touching each other.
  • Do not store heavy object on top of or against your magnetic signs.