Decal Removal Tips 

One of the nice things about vinyl graphics is that unlike paint decals removable.  Most of the time decals can be removed with a simple application of heat. Every once in a while you will get a decal that is very difficult to remove. The photos below show what happens when instead of properly removing decals a U-Haul dealer painted over the decals with latex house paint.  Bad idea.

Below the photos you will find decal removal tips. 


When we did the vehicle wrap pre-inspection we discovered that the dealer had painted over the original decals with latex paint. It was quite a mess. Fortunately we were able to remove both the latex paint and the old decals including the adhesive. The photos show the before and after. 

Below is the same truck "After"

If you have a vehicle with vinyl graphics that need to be removed here are some tips:

1. Heat the surface throughly before attempting to peel the vinyl off

2. Pull the graphics at a shallow (10-20 degree) angle. Many times that will allow the vinyl to pull the adhesive off while it is being removed.

3. Take your time! Repeat. Take your time!. Even though you can pull the vinyl faster without taking the adhesive, take your time, pull slowly and try your best to take the adhesive with the vinyl.

4. If you have any adhesive left, use 3M Adhesive cleaner and a little elbow grease.

5. If your graphics are deteriorated so badly that you can not peel them, there are
removal discs available at auto parts stores that will attach to a drill and are good at getting small areas off.

6. Never use a razor!

7. If you have any problems don’t continue, just 
call us or stop by the shop and we will be glad to show you the best way to remove your particular job.

8. If all else fails, we do offer a removal service, just stop by with your vehilce and we will be glad to give you an estimate and schedule you a removal time.

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