Flamin' wrap for Fatback's BBQ

Five years ago in August of 2007 this guy came into our shop with a big ol' grin on his face and a pirate style hoop ear rings in his ears (that is why if you look closely at his logo you will see the pig wearing ear rings) His name was Cory Brinson. He had quit his job as a Fed Ex driver and was about to embark on the most exciting adventure of all, combining his love of cooking with his dream of owning his own business.

He was reccomended to us by another client to get a wrap on his truck. We ended up doing his logo design, business cards, banners, his truck wrap as well as the signage on his mobile BBQ Shack.

Fast forward 5 years. Cory has had a very eventful 5 years. He has won numerous awards including:

• 2011 Grand Champion: Edenton Hog Fest - Edenton, NC

• 2011 Grand Champion: Palmeto Pig Cookoff

• 2011 Reserve Grand Champion: Capital City Cookoff - Lexington NC

• 2011 Reserve Grand Champion: SAM's Club National BBQ Tour

He was also privileged to be invited to the prestigious Jack Daniels BBQ Cookoff. Only two teams in each state are awarded the privilege of competeing in this event.

All of this was followed by mulltiple appearances and an overall 2nd place finish in the TV reality series BBQ Pitmasters.

To top it all off FatBack's BBQ recently opened a new restaurant to suppliment the mobile rib shack. Since the old truck had seen so many miles it was time to get a new tow vehicle for the rib shack. Lumberton Ford was kind enough to help with the purchase of the truck by sponsoring FatBack's. 

Cory brought the truck in and said: "Mark, here is the truck, these are the sponsors do whatever you want", that aways works for me!

Best part of all is as part of my research for design I felt the need to sample the product. : )


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