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10 Vehicle Wrap Dos and Don'ts

6 Do's

1. Decide up front exactly what your are trying to communicate and who your target audience is. 


2. Remember you have five seconds to get these three messages across:

• Who you are

• What you do

• How to contact you




2. Sit down with your designer and go over your goals, audience demographics, and your business. A good effective wrap design happens when there is good communication between the designer and the client.


3. Keep business cards with you at all times. When your vehicle is wrapped you will likely be talking to potential clients more often. Be sure they can find you again when they need your service.


4. Make sure the wrap design draws attention. Important information eg. business name, website, etc. should be easy to read even at a a distance.


5. Park at the end of the isle or near the road  in shopping centers. Pull out by the road in front of your business.  In other words maximize the exposure of your wrap (and your business).


6. Keep your vehicle clean, waxed and presentable. Your vehicle is your image to the public, if your vehicle is dirty, or your logo and graphics are poor what does that say about your work?


4 Don'ts


7. Don't have a design that is too busy or confusing. Perhaps you have been in traffic and had a car pass you and said "Wow! Did you see that car"   You may have seen bright colors, and noticed that it was wrapped but did you notice the business name, and what they do? If not, it was too cluttered.


8.  Don't try to say too much with your graphics. Usually your business name, web address, phone number and perhaps a service menu is enough text. Remember, your wrap will be a moving target to your customer. Keep it easy to read.


9.  Don't cut people off in traffic or share any finger gestures with other drivers


10. Don't be fooled by inferior grade vinyl. Make sure you are getting top quality vinyl with matching laminate. Image Graphics uses 3M 180-CV3 with 3M premium laminate exclusively. Don't find out a year or two down the road that the wrap you bought online was a lower grade 3M vinyl or even worse a off-brand.