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Poor design = Sign fail

Here is a sampling from around the web of the lighter side of signs and logo design . . . unless you are unfortunate enough to own one of the businesses represented here.  Remember, your companies logos, vehicles, signage and more all represent the quality of your work and pride (or lack of pride) that you have in your business.

Above all when you have a logo designed be careful that it says what you want it to, and ONLY what you want it to.


Even in 1917 this had to be in bad taste.




Kind of ironic isn't it.


i guess the designer was using the shape of the state to represent a tree being tapped for fresh maple syrup. Looks to me like something else – and I DON"T wan't any on my pancakes thank you.


A couple of years ago MicroSoft came out with what they described as an iPod killer.  Called the Zune it was going to revolutionize that market. This logo in reverse shoes that even large companies can sometimes make unfortunate choices when it comes to logo design. 


No thanks.



Who did this design, a blind person? 


Your logo visually represents what your company stands for. You companies logo should give potential customers a good first impression of your business.  However for some reason many new startups often skimp on this crucial aspect of their brand and identity.

A good logo can help you build brand identity, build loyalty between you and your customers and can give your business the professional look of an established brand.  A poorly designed logo can hurt your business, it can make your business seem unprofessional, and can give the impression that you are not concerned with quality.

The logos and sign above clearly show companies that did not give too much thought about their image.  While these admittedly are extreme examples, all you have to do is drive down Raeford Rd. to see example after example of companies that don't understand the value of branding.

If you just put some thought and creativity into your logo design you can come up with something that will visually express the positive aspects of your business at a glance.  Even if you are doing your own design take a look at these 26 questionsthat every business should have an answer to before they start designing their own logo.


Note: Unfortunately due to the nature of images being copied/pasted/re-shared, it’s difficult to provide proper attribution to most images (most are found on image sharing sites with no attribution).  Therefore – if I used one of your images, please give me a shout and I’ll update with attribution.