How Can Auto Wraps Help Your Business?

  1. Your vehicle will be a rolling billboard. In todays world, the customers are turning away from traditional advertising mediums en mass. However it is pretty hard to ignore ads placed directly in front of them every day when they commute.
  2. Your auto wrap will last long after that expensive newspaper ad is wrapping fish in the freezer. Unlike radio, newspaper, yellow pages or TV., your vehicle wrap advertising investment will last for years.
  3. You will reach a large cross section of your market. Research studies by the Traffic Audi Bureau and Arbitron Outdoor show that in the Fayetteville market a box truck with a full wrap that is on the road 6 hours per day makes over 60,000 impressions per day.

 In the past if you ran ads on TV, radio, yellow pages and the newspaper, you would have a good chance of reaching a good cross section of your audience. 

Marketing Has Changed

These days, people are zipping through commercials with the DVR, local radio stations are losing audience share to satellite radio, in car entertainment, and iPods. The newspaper is dying a slow death thanks to the internet and yellow pages are hurting as well due to both the internet as well as smart phones.

How To Get A Great Wrap On A Budget

We understand that while everyone would love to have a fleet of brand new, fully wrapped vehicles advertising for them every day. For some of us that is simply not in the cards. Fortunately you don't have to have a huge advertising budget to afford a great looking wrap.

Many times we can design a partial wrap (See NAPA truck above) that will be just as effective for much less investment than a full wrap. In addition we also offer a leasing option through Pronto Lease. Leasing will allow you to pay for your auto advertising in monthly payments just as you would pay for yellow pages.

We take pride in designing wraps that not only look great but will help build your brand and keep your name if front of your customers. 

Besides all the exposure you will get driving your normal routes, soon you will be looking at traffic jams as marketing opportunities. To get the most of your vehicle ad use every chance to maximize your exposure. Park at the back of parking lots and position your car so that it can be seen by the most passing street traffic. Attend sporting events and concerts early and park by the entrance. You can even feature your vehicle in your company brochures and print advertising.

We Are Not Cheap – But We Are Affordable

If you are choosing a designer based solely on price, we are probably not your company. If you want a cheap wrap layout there are plenty of "by the sq. ft." car wrap companies online. They churn out plenty of auto wraps and some are nice.

Unfortunately, many times they prove the old saying, "you get what you pay for". When you are designing a car or truck wrap that is going to brand your business you want to be careful that you don't end up "paying for what you get"

When comparing prices make sure you are comparing "apples to apples" so to speak.  Every Image Graphics Auto Wrap includes:

  • Free face to face no obligation initial consultation
  • Complete in-house service; Design–Production–Installation
  • Photography services (if needed)
  • Professional experienced installation
  • Warranty for both materials & installation
  • 3M 180 CV-3 Premium Wrap Vinyl (Some companies use off brand vinyl or 3M's lower end product)
  • Genuine 3M Laminates
  • 3M & PDAA Trained and Certified Installation
  • Fully insured.
  • Climate controlled, secure application facility 
  • Local installation and repair facility in business for over 20 years
  • Available wrap financing through Pronto Lease. To apply click here.

Each job is different and it is impossible to quote precise prices without finding out exactly what is going to be on your car / truck, however we would be glad to give you a no obligation quick quote to wrap your company vehicles.

How Vehicle Wraps Are Priced

Wraps are priced in three different phases. Each phase is just as important as the other. The three step in vehicle wrap prices are: Design. Production. Installation.  

Step 1 – Design

Here at Image Graphics our motto is "design makes the difference". For you that means we are passionate about giving you the best design possible. You wrap will be designed not only to get noticed but to be effective as well. Many times wraps do attract attention, but they are too "busy" to be read easily. Of course anybody can list this information on the side of a truck with mailbox letters. A properly designed graphic will not only convey vital information but will also get noticed and project a professional image to whoever views it.

When it comes to design, you must understand that this is not the same as designing a four-color flyer — an Image Graphics wrap on a full-size vehicle may have 200 to 500 square feet of vinyl for graphics. And since the images must be of the highest resolution,they cause even the most powerful computers to work at a snail’s pace. This turns vehicle wrap design into a time-consuming project.

Keep this in mind when shopping for the lowest bidder... Some companies either "throw in" or charge very little for the design aspect of a wrap. This is false economy. Often the designer is under pressure from the business owner to get the design done as quickly as possible. Owners (even designers that are owners) often have the viewpoint that "time is money".  If they do not charge enough for design then they can't spend much time doing the layout. This puts a lot of pressure on the designer to just "knock out" a quick design. Failure to charge (or charge enough) for vehicle wrap design is often the mark of a company that either may not deliver quality results, or won't be around very long. Worse of all for you, it means that you are not getting the very best job possible. 

If your company has a qualified in-house design department or an ad agency that can do your design work, we will be glad to work with them. We will give them help with submitting artwork that will work on your specific car. We will also give them technical support as far as the what color space to use, icc profiles, best file formats to use and more. If you use a in-house design agency, our setup fee will be reduced depending on how much time they save us.


Step 2 – Production

 The second step in pricing wraps is production. There are many different brands and types of vinyl available. Most cost less  than 3M 180 series wrap vinyl.   This is a area that we are not willing tocompromise on. We use 3M 180-cv3 wrap vinyl exclusively, 3M approved inks and ALL wraps are laminated with 3M premium UV/Chemical resistant laminate. We have been in business over 20 years and over that time have learned that a little extra money spent on premium quality materials is a good investment.

Turn around time on any print once final artwork is approved is a MINIMUM 36 hours. We allow this long to be sure that the solvent that is used in the printing process has time to fully cure out before the graphics are laminated.


Step 3 – Installation

The best design printed on the best vinyl is not worth anything if it is not properly installed.  Image Graphics is proud to be one of less than 10 companies in North Carolina to be certified by both the PDAA (Professional Decal Application Alliance) as well as the SGIA (Screen Graphic Installers Association).   We have also completed 3M wrap training.  

 We install all wraps in a CLIMATE CONTROLLED facility.  For best results, vinyl needs to be installed within a certain temperature range.  We are one of the very few shops in the area have our wrap installation bays not only heated but air conditioned as well. This not only makes our installers more comfortable, but also reduces failures due to excessive cold or heat.

Installation prices are based on how large the print is as well as the difficulty level in each individual car or truck. Click here today for a fast free quick quote.